I mean, who am i kidding, im not coming back anytime soon... So yeah, until further notice, this account is dead. So, if i ever comeback, I will upload something first.

Who am I even talking to anyways...

Not postng anything...

2010-05-12 16:58:18 by Kaji04

i haven't d posted anything in a while, but ill post something up in any moment... maybe..

ehm... oh hai...

2009-10-18 00:02:07 by Kaji04

errr, i guess it has been a long time since i do something here :V

anyway, hi :3

Now feel the action with Stick figure Randomness !! 2

2008-12-14 21:19:43 by Kaji04

no watch in my user page !!! run run !!!


Now feel the action with Stick figure Randomness !! 2

Handlebars was good...

2008-11-23 18:05:52 by Kaji04

thanks to the ppl who watched my video :)

Handlebars was good...

i think it was an epic fail...

2008-11-20 20:23:31 by Kaji04

i think it wasnt enough good mario and sonic fight againist time, soo its no more of it but thanks for watch my first part :), i wil think in something better... cya :)


2008-06-13 18:06:55 by Kaji04

i finnally updated one flash on newgrounds :D (well now are two)

but still not ended this, series will be longer.

but my movie still its on like 13% of progress :/

Its taking more time because the takes more time of my life D: so i will end it in more time T-T